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Cuban Composer and Singer Carlos Varela Takes Tour Through Cuba

<p style="text-align: justify;">2011.02.07 - 18:23:26 / radiorebelde.Cuban Composer and Singer Carlos Varela Takes Tour Through Cuba (Photo: Granma). Las Tunas, Cuba.- Cuban composer and singer Carlos Varela, on tour throughout Cuba, said, after a concert in the eastern province of Las Tunas, that interacting with the public is vital for his work.Varela is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his artistic career with anthological songs and his more recent album ‘No es el fin’ (It’s not the end). Read More

Skateboarding Cuba

<p style="text-align: justify;">Jorge Casuso. Thursday, Feb 10 2011. Punk rock blares from a car radio. Graffiti is scrawled on the sides of an empty fountain. A gaggle of teenagers, some sporting tattoos, others shaved heads or short Mohawks, are skateboarding, doing tricks along the fountain's concrete ledge. Everyone is speaking Spanish.It could be Miami. But look closer. That street sign appears strangely out of place, and in the background, only old cars cruise the nearly empty street.The scene is unfolding as it does every day on the corner of Calle G (Avenida de los Presidentes) and 23rd Street in the heart of Havana. Read More