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Apple Vacations will offer trips to Cuba from the United States

The tour operator Apple Vacations will offer tour packages in Cuba from July 9, as announced the company president, Tim Mullen, in an interview for the publication Travel Weekly. Read More

Delta plans to open flights from Atlanta to Havana for 2016

Tony Torres, sales manager of Delta Airlines, announced that charter flights to Cuba from Atlanta are expected to begin operating regularly in the spring of 2016. Read More

Cuba added to Travelport travel sales

CubaTravelport announced that Travelport travel agencies in the United States can now search and sell their services for travelling to and from Cuba to authorized tourists, reported today. Read More

First regular flight between San Juan and Havana since 1959

The first flight will be offered on a regular basis between San Juan and Havana in nearly six decades off today with 150 passengers on board a plane of the Swiss airline Swissair, most people who come to IX Havana Danzón Festival. Read More

Tourism to Cuba would affect 20% of the one visiting Bahamas

The rapprochement between the US and Cuba and the imminent influx of tourists to the island threatens to affect 20% of Americans who visit the Bahamas, said on Tuesday the publication Tribune 242. Read More

Cuba aims to have 110,000 tourist rooms by 2030

The growth of international tourism in the first quarter of the year, coupled with greater local demand in the summer, is forcing authorities to consider a growth in accommodations that could reach 110,000 rooms by 2030. Read More

Gowaii will open two hotels in Cuba

The touristic group Gowaii, present on the island for nearly twenty years in the business of receiving tourists, now plans to expand its presence in Cuba and open two hotels, one in Havana and another in Varadero. Read More

Havana: second preferred destination in Spain for the summer

As already disclosed in the annual report published by the meta-searcher and flight comparison site, Havana will be the second preferred destination by Spanish, only preceded by New York, which remains unbeaten at the top. Read More

Canada and Cuba increase air routes

Cuba and Canada signed on Tuesday a new agreement on air traffic to allow an "unlimited" number of airlines make flights between the two countries, which never broke relations. Read More

Iberia 's return to Cuba will boost tourism

With yesterday's announcement of the resumption of Iberia airline flights, the upward trend of tourism in the island is reinforced, which already accumulated over three million visitors per year. Read More

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