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The rapprochement between the US and Cuba and the imminent influx of tourists to the island threatens to affect 20% of Americans who visit the Bahamas, said on Tuesday the publication Tribune 242. 
The implications for number one industry in Bahamas, and other Caribbean nations, described the opening of Cuba as "the largest and most damaging stone dropped into the pool of the Caribbean in 50 years." 
"As regards the state of Florida as a home market, the location of Cuba is privileged and draws the attention of travelers who have traditionally sought destinations like Bahamas, which has depended on tourists from Florida." 
The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has already proven to be aware of the implications of the thaw in relations between the US and Cuba and eventual full opening of the tourist market of the latter to US visitors, representing between 80% and 85% of visitors globally.



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