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Cubas transportation network gradually improving

Transportation Minister Jorge Luis Serra told the Cuban Parliament Friday that improving the countrys freight and passenger transportation entails not only investment in more equipment but also better organization and attention to the needs of the workforce. Read More

Cuba seeks blend of tourism and culture

Beyond the pristine beaches, sun and other natural beauty, Cuban legislators believe the islands culture and identity should become a main attraction for tourists to visit Cuba. Read More

Bayamo promotes tourist attractions

The city of Bayamo, in the eastern Cuban province of Granma, is promoting its tourist attractions to become a major destination. In order to achieve that goal, the city is undertaking a series of initiatives, including the opening of fast-food establishments, a wax museum and art schools, among other options. Read More

Sip mojitos in epic squares, samba in the sawdust then hit the beach

BAKING hot sunshine, sexy salsa beats, beautiful cities, stunning beaches, fascinating culture and friendly people - Cuba has to be the ultimate holiday destination. And the secret is out. In 1997, fewer than 46,000 Brits travelled to this island that's fewer than 100 miles from Florida. Last year more than 160,000 of us made the trip. Read More

Havana: a major tourist destination in Cuba

The Cuban capital, which has a population of two million, is a major tourist destination in the country. According to official statistics, nearly 50 percent of foreign vacationers who visited the Caribbean Island this year chose the Cuban capital, as well as Varadero and Jardines del Rey (King's Gardens), as their favorite destinations in the country. Read More

Transtur presents new tourist options in Varadero

The entrepreneurial group Transtur, attached to Cuba's Ministry of Tourism, has presented new options in the beach resort of Varadero. As part of the company's efforts to meet the demands from clients, Transtur is offering the Varadero Beach Tour. Read More

New Hotel in Old Havana: San Felipe and Santiago de Bejucal Hotel.

On the corner of the old San Fran Francisco de Asis square, just next to the smart Café Del Oriente restaurant and the Lonja del Comercio building with its Café Mercurio, one of the greatest Havana mansions is being restored to be turned into the San Felipe and Santiago de Bejucal Hotel. Read More

The 5 best places for Scuba Diving in Cuba

Captivating Cuba offers specialist advice on the top 5 places for scuba diving in Cuba. Cuba is a great place to scuba dive. The waters surrounding the Cuban archipelago are warm with an average annual temperature above 24°C, mild tides and no strong currents. Standing on a large, exuberant and totally virgin coral reef, Cuba is a sunken paradise for those with a passion for diving. Read More

The complete guide to: Cuba in style

Fifty years after the seeds of the Revolution were sown, this island is finally starting to flower as a luxury holiday destination, say Simon Calder and Cathy Packe Read More

Cuba night at Argentine Tourism Fair

In the context of the International Latin America Tourism Fair, 2006 FIT participants devoted an evening to Cuba promoting products made in the Caribbean island. Read More

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