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During the annual meeting of the Ministry of Tourism, the Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel said that no distinction could be made between national and international tourists and he called for "giving good attention" to the Cuban people.

"We have to defend a single quality: the maximum possible, both for international and national tourists, we can not distinguish between one and the other, we all have to attend to the best we can ... The Cuban people must be given good attention, he deserves it, "he said.

At the meeting, Diaz-Canel referred to the efficiency in the administration: "Sometimes these policies are violated by clumsiness, lack of details and preparation of paintings that have narrow visions."

As he said, in a manager of the tourism sector can not miss values such as "sensitivity, revolutionary concern and culture of detail"

 "Those who do not have these characteristics will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities and will always have a pessimistic thinking, these qualities give the possibility to create, to be proactive and to take advantage of all the attributes of the country."

He also referred to the need to eliminate bureaucracy: "remove leaf litter from the road and move forward," he said.

The official newspaper Granma, who reviewed the meeting, explained that they also touched on the issue of cruise tourism "which in 2018 grew 46% and imposes important challenges in terms of infrastructure, logistics, speed in terminal operations and an offer varied and attractive for visitors ".

According to the president, we must promote health tourism, "improve our pricing policy, seek innovative solutions for marketing and develop modalities such as hiking."

The meeting evaluated the year 2018 as "complex", as a result of the effects of Hurricane Irma and the restrictions of trips to Cuba by the United States.

According to the data offered, so far in 2019 "a million visitors have already been received and although it is expected to be a tense year, growth is estimated with respect to 2018", according to sector head Manuel Marrero Cruz.

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