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As a result of the news of the alleged three children that Diergo Armando Maradona has in Cuba, many other stories have come out and testimony of the former soccer player during his stay on the island, when he went to recover from his addiction to drugs at Las Praderas hospital .

Eileen Díaz, a young Cuban woman who met Maradona in those days, recounted her experience in the television space El dia de Mariana.

"I met him when Rodrigo had died recently (Bueno), because I remember his sadness, he was introduced to me by a Cuban friend in common, he was surrounded by a circle of Cubans and through that friend we met him. I was very nervous, but I thought he was a very good person, and in fact, putting aside all the conflicts, at that moment he only talked about his daughters. "

"There was a lot of lack of control," said the young woman, referring to the center where the number Ten is being rehabilitated.

"Las Praderas was a rehabilitation hospital for a lot of things, but there were always parties, alcohol, drugs, everything, there were a lot of people, there are things that I prefer to keep but there was everything. all".

According to Eileen, Maradona refused to take care of herself during her sexual relations. "There was a conflict between saying 'you have to take care of yourself like that' and him being negative, and arguments that ended there in 'well, I'm leaving'".

"No wonder I have three children there."

However, he clarified that "I only had the idea that there was one with this girl who lives in Matanzas, and nothing else, at that time I did not see her." In fact, when I went, that we were going with more friends, we were there days, we left, then we could go back, I do not know if another time more people would come in. There were many more times, there I would go because I did not like it, there were very uncontrolled people and I was not used to that level ".

Recently Matías Morla, lawyer and right hand of Maradona, confirmed that he has three children in Cuba, and that he will officially recognize them.

Maradona and Morla a Cub will travel to Cuba when this season ends in Culiacán as coach of the Sinaloa Dorados, to appear on the island before the courts and perform the paternity tests.

As if that were not enough, yesterday Morla said that the former Argentine footballer would have a fourth child in Cuba, but Diego told him later that he "does not know the mother" of the young man.

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