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Old Havanas Historic Center and its system of Colonial fortifications

The architectural complex and its system of fortifications gain international recognition under the criteria that theyre representatives of a type of structure that illustrates a significant stage of history Read More

New offers at Paradisus Resorts Hotels

The inclusion of such offers as diving, luxury wedding programs and golf. Read More

In four years Cuba thwarted 35 cases of international drug trafficking at its airports

As part of operations by specialized forces of the interior ministry and the Republic's General Customs, 49 people from 23 countries have been arrested. Read More

It's Santiago de Cuba; you will not be surprised by anything

<p class="MsoNormal"><span>Santiago de Cuba</span><span> is the second important city in the Republic of Cuba and it was the first capital of the country.<span> </span>The first settlement dates from 1515 although its foundation took place a year before by Diego Velasquez.</span> Read More

Pasacaballo Hotel reopens for tourism

Cienfuegos was founded by French settlers in 1829. It is known as the Pearl of the South for its architecture and has been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Read More

The two golf courses in Cuba with the highest level

<p class="MsoNormal"><span>Golf practice came to Cuba with the American people who settled in the country in the second half of the 20<sup>th</sup> Century.<span> </span>This sport has never been a mass practice in the island even before the triumph of the Revolution; this was only practiced by upper classes.</span> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span> Read More

Dance Contest at Meliá Varadero Hotel

The experts noted that the prize for the winning couple would be a one-week stay at the Meliá Varadero Hotel. Read More

Cuba is creating a new concept of tourism for the high tourist season

Minister of Tourism is creating a new concept of small heritage inns and working to make Cuba a "huge cultural plaza." Read More

El Nicho, a paradise for vacationers

There you can find the countrys most outstanding waterfalls, nearly 15 meters high. El Salto, 300 kilometres from Havana, bathes its surroundings with a thin mist. Read More

Guama, a comfortable visit to the most authentic Cuban aboriginal hamlet

<span>When visiting the Monte-Mar Natural Park at the Zapata swamp, located 150 kilometers to the southeast of the Cuban capital, we can take a road back to the time of the Cuban aboriginal life.</span> Read More

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