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Ancient Music in Havanas Historic Center this January

This edition of the event will be dedicated to the organ, so-called King of Instruments, suitable moment to inaugurate the one located at the San Francisco de Paula Church. Read More

A Declaration of Love to Trinidad Colonial City

The commitment of each generation with conservation, but also with the enrichment of heritage is another of his viewpoints. Read More

Viñales Valley, whose origin dates back to more than 300 million years ago

According to experts, the valley's flora is closely linked to its ancient past, since it holds 17 endemic varieties that cannot be found anywhere on Earth, including the cork palm (Microcycas calocoma), which is considered a living fossil from the Jurassic period. Read More

Vacations and Healthcare in Cuba

Cuba, which has a strategic location in the Caribbean region, offers its natural, cultural and historic wealth to foreign tourists, who can also benefit from the country's health facilities to improve their quality of life. Read More

Cuba and Chile Inaugurate Direct Flights

The first flight, an IL-96 Cubana jetliner, took off from the Chilean capital with 230 passengers on board. Read More

Havana's Hotel Infrastructure to Grow

The city offers 12,325 rooms distributed in 62 hotels, and generates 33 percent of the country's tourist revenues. Read More

Cuban Cocktails Promoted Worldwide

The initiative, with a strong impact on Europe, was sponsored Sunday by producers and commercializers of Havana Club by a communiqué. Read More

Central Cuba Reports Increased Tourist Arrivals

The central Cuban province of Villa Clara has reported an increase in tourist arrivals this year. Read More

Canadian Airline Flies to Cuban Tourist Destinations

Air Canada Vacations has begun flying to the keys off Villa Clara's northern keys, with the goal of meeting the growing demand during the peak tourist season. Read More

Communitarian Cuba-Canada cultural exchange to finish up

Canadian people, friends of Cuba, most of them young, finished a tour that lasted several days around historical sites from this city as well as the emblematic Sierra Maestra. Read More

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