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One of the victims of the Ethiopian plane was Cuban and worked for the United Nations

Among the 157 people who died in the plane crash in Ethiopia was a Cuban, Mexican nationalized. Read More

Rescue 26 Cubans in a raft on the verge of shipwreck in the Florida Keys

The US Coast Guard rescued 26 Cubans in a raft that was about to be shipwrecked in the South Florida Keys. Read More

Cuban model Lisandra Silva suffers violent robbery on International Women's Day

The Cuban model Lisandra Silva shared an unfortunate event on Friday morning in the morning, on International Women's Day. The former reality girl based in Chile, was the victim of a violent robbery at the hands of a man on a motorcycle. Read More

Officialist journalist says it is regrettable to see how a newspaper walks on one side and reality in Cuba on the other

The official journalist Luis Sexto has indicated in an interview to the state agency ACN that it is lamentable to see sometimes how a newspaper walks on one side and reality on the other; and "people realize because they are the ones who live". Read More

Cuba, on the verge of a mass exodus of rafters

Tens of thousands of Cubans are looking for the possibility of emigrating from the island due to the resurgence of the economic crisis in the last month. According to the ABC newspaper, Cuba is on the verge of a mass exodus. Read More

Omara Ruiz Urquiola announces that there are already medicines for all in the oncology of Havana: "We beat them"

Omara Ruiz Urquiola announced on Monday in their social networks that there is already medicine "for all" in the oncology of Havana, after their complaints last week. Read More

"It's sad to think that I'll be a property owner only when my mom dies"

37 years old, Manuel is sure that "the housing deficit in Cuba will be resolved when the elderly pass away. The aging of the population will be what solves the problem of housing. As almost nobody stops today, there will be even empty houses. Read More

The US includes another 5 companies controlled by the Cuban military to the "restricted list"

The United States has included another 5 companies controlled by the Cuban military on Cuba's "restricted list," the State Department said in a statement Monday. Read More

Juan Guaidó: "We have decreed no more oil shipments to Cuba"

The interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has decreed the cessation of oil shipments made by the Government of Nicolás Maduro to Cuba, for which he has requested the help of the international community that supports and recognizes him. Read More

They fill with packages of croquettes the refrigerators of a store in Santiago to camouflage the scarcity and little variety

Since the opening of the shopping center La Plaza, originally called La Gran Piedra, in Santiago de Cuba, the controversies surrounding this installation have been continuous, beginning with the abrupt change of name and recently ending with the sale of products in a state of putrefaction. , the latter due to the sale of meatballs with mushrooms. Read More

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