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Retired in Guantánamo: "CDR payment, Federation payment and I have to buy a gas balita at 110 pesos"

Retirees from the province of Guantánamo have criticized the high price of "gas balitas" marketed by the country's government Read More

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights expresses "concern" about the new Constitution of Cuba

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) yesterday expressed in a statement its "concern" for the new Cuban Constitution, approved in a referendum on February 24, and for its implementation. Read More

Cuban newspapers show the failure of the regulations to the taxi drivers approved by the Government of Diaz-Canel

A report published in the official Cubadebate brings to light the failure of the regulations to the boteros approved by the Government of Miguel Díaz-Canel last year. Read More

"The police persecution of the LGTBI + collective in Cuba is still latent"

The controversy generated by the possibility of the inclusion of equal marriage, in the Cuban Constitution, aroused a monster that dozed decades ago and that this time will be harder with the LGBTI + community, which has scarcely managed to stand out or obtain space within society Cuba and the laws of the Island. Read More

It is forbidden to take photos in stores in Santiago de Cuba, despite the fact that the minister ordered the opposite

After the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, reported the permissibility of the photographs inside the Foreign Currency Collection Stores (TRD) on January 14, many have brought to light public images showing the huge shortage and high prices of the few inputs sold in the markets and stores of the country. Read More

María Elvira congratulates President Trump for the new measures against the government of Cuba

The popular presenter of Cuban origin, María Elvira Salazar, congratulated the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on Tuesday for his recent decision to allow legal actions against more than 200 companies operated by the island's regime. Read More

Report warns that a new "special period" threatens Cuba in 2019

According to the Miami-based consultancy, The Havana Consulting Group, Cuba could fall in 2019 into a new "special period," just as it happened in the 1990s on the island. Read More

Díaz-Canel says that Cuban and foreign tourists must be treated equally

During the annual meeting of the Ministry of Tourism, the Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel said that no distinction could be made between national and international tourists and he called for "giving good attention" to the Cuban people. Read More

Bruno Rodíguez calls "hostile and irresponsible act" that the US allows lawsuits against the Cuban Government

Havana, Mar 4 (EFE) .- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez condemned the decision of the US Government on Monday Read More

Cuban doctor resigns her profession and writes an open letter to Raúl Castro

Cuban doctor Nelva Ismarays Ortega Tamayo, member of the opposition organization Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU), wrote a letter addressed to Raúl Castro, whom he calls "dictator". Read More

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