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Diaz-Canel responds to the NYT for the testimony of Cuban doctors forced to pressure patients to vote for Maduro

The governor Miguel Diaz-Canel said in his Twitter account that "Cuban doctors can never be defamed," following an investigative report published by The New York Times, which denounced abuses by the Nicolás Maduro regime toward the Cuban doctors who complete missions in Venezuela. Read More

The US consul in Havana answers questions about the B2 visa and the Parole program for Cubans

Through the social network Facebook, Steven S. Giegerich, US Consul General in Havana, answered the doubts of hundreds of users about the reduction of the B2 visa to a maximum of 3 months and a single entry for Cubans. Read More

Díaz-Canel: "We can not ignore the Cubans who live abroad proud and nostalgic for their homeland"

The Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel said Monday in the annual balance meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (Minrex) that his Executive can not ignore "the many Cubans who live abroad proud and nostalgic for their homeland" or that The origins of the Island have a lot of "immigration and miscegenation". Read More

They denounce the bad state of the bathroom of a school in Cuba

The bathrooms of the Urselia Díaz Báez de Alamar primary school in Havana del Este are another example of the deterioration of educational infrastructures in Cuba. Read More

Cuba accuses the US of "obstructing the trips of Cubans" by limiting B2 visas to three months

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (Minrex) has rejected on Saturday the decision of the United States Government to reduce from 5 years to 3 months, with a single entry, the B2 visas that are granted to Cubans in order to act in reciprocity to the Validity period granted by Cuba to American travelers. For Havana this is a way to increase "the obstacles for family visits and for other purposes". Read More

There is no food in Cuba, but Díaz-Canel asks santiagueros to defend "what they are doing"

In the midst of the shortage of food that the island is suffering, the governor Miguel Díaz-Canel gave himself a mass bath this week in Santiago de Cuba, during his second official visit, this time of two days, to the territory. Read More

"Now it's up to Cuba to extend the visa for US citizens"

As expected, the drastic reduction of sixty to three months of visas to visit the United States has affected tens of thousands of Cubans who travel to the United States as non-migrants. Read More

EDITORIAL: The only Cuban press that deserves applause does not appear on television

Few absurdities of Cuban invoice compete in magnitude and degradation with the spectacle that we attended on Thursday, March 14: the Cuban press publicly celebrates its day, and does so with an impudence that provokes disbelief and indignation in equal parts. Read More

Cuba concludes the investigation of the plane crash of the Boeing 737 of Global Air in Havana

Cuba has concluded the investigation into the plane crash of the Boeing 737-200 of Global Air, rented by Cubana de Aviación, which occurred last May in Havana, as explained on state television of the island. Read More

Díaz-Canel congratulates Cuban journalists and rains criticism on Twitter

A little more than five months after his arrival on Twitter, one of the specialties of Miguel Díaz-Canel in that social network is the congratulations section, so this March 14, day of the Cuban Press, he has not hesitated to begin the day celebrating the anniversary. Read More

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