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US authorizes Telco Company to operate in Cuba

TelcoCuba US operator has received legal permits, by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, to operate on the island and provide telecommunications services. Read More

Microsoft: the Cubans are "hackers by nature"

Microsoft just launched a project that aims to provide more resources for Cuban access to technology and particularly the Internet. Read More

US Congressmen present a bill to end the embargo on Cuba

The US Republican Congressman Tom Emmer and Democrat Kathy Castor presented on Tuesday a bill to end the economic embargo on Cuba for almost 55 years ago and allow US private companies to trade freely with Cuba. Read More

"I think President Barack Obama will visit Havana"

A possible visit of US President Barack Obama to Cuba would consolidate his new policy to achieve the normalization of relations with the island and make it irreversible, experts said. Read More

Pitbull calls to lift the embargo on Cuba

The Cuban-born rapper and businessman Pitbull recently asked the United States to lift the trade embargo on Cuba on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Read More

Obama criticized Republicans for "ridiculous" statements

Americans deserve better, President Barack Obama said on Monday criticizing Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for comments he said "would be ridiculous if were not so sad." Read More

Marriott Hotels ready to operate in Cuba

President and CEO of Marriott International, Inc., Arne M. Sorenson, states in his blog that this hotel chain is ready to do business in Cuba "starting right now." Read More

Special Olympics Cuban delegation walks through Los Angeles

US delegation received with opened arms 16 Cuban athletes that arrived in Los Angeles on Monday to participate in the Special Olympics World Summer Games, which begins on Saturday at the Memorial Coliseum in that city. Read More

Spanish and American law firms will advise together in Cuba

The Iberian firm Olleros Abogados, who has spent 15 years providing services to customers based in the island, opened a Cuban Desk to integrate their experience and knowledge on the legal dynamics of the Caribbean country. Read More

US Senate approves lifting travel ban on Cuba

Just a few days after the official resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, a committee of the US Senate has approved an amendment that would end the current restrictions on travel to Cuba suffering both American and Cuban residents in the US. Read More

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