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Microsoft just launched a project that aims to provide more resources for Cuban access to technology and particularly the Internet. Empower Cuba is one of the initiatives of the week of Hackathon in Microsoft, which "aims to bring technological knowledge to the island nation under the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United States in late July."
According to a report by the blog of the company, the project will build on the recent installation at various points of access to the Wi-Fi network in Havana to make this project possible.
To Sacha Arozarena Valladares, one of the promoters of this idea of Microsoft, "the aim of this hackathon is to empower Cuba through the use of technology. This will be done through a proposal that Microsoft would draw the roadmap for NGOs and local communities to make this idea a reality."
Arozarena, describing Cubans as "hackers by nature" for their lifestyle and the difficulties they have to overcome every day in their country, also disclosed in the video presentation of the project that was why they "live a hackathon 24 hours 7 days a week."



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