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The world after a soccer ball

The only time a Cuban soccer team participated in a World Cup happened over seventy years ago, but despite the prolonged absence and poor results achieved by our national teams, the Cup continues to passionate soccer fans in Cuba who change every four years, at least for a month, the baseball bat for a soccer ball. Read More

Jacqueline Vell , a bet for song

I first heard of Jacqueline Vell because of the song “Se me olvida”. The Holguin native singer boasts her vocal projection and gives us back the song composed by Jesse Suárez, with her unique way of performing. Read More

Charanga Habanera Cuban orchestra and its fifteen years of fame

The Cuban orchestra has been in the people’s preference for 15 years. “Charanga Habanera emerged in 1988, when young, talented Cuban musicians graduated from Cuban school arts got together to develop a popular music project dating back to the 1940s and 50s, to fulfil a commitment at the Montecarlo Sporting Club.” Read More

Parks of Havana

Havana has the largest urban park in the world. It stretches along around eight kilometres. It is the Malecón. Its wall becomes a virtually endless stone sofa. It also has avenues whose treed and benched promenades are true parks. Read More

Santiago de Cuba Readies for the 30th Festival of Fire

Eastern Santiago de Cuba province readies for the 30th Fire Festival to be held July 3rd through the 9th, dedicated this year to Curacao and the Brazilian region of Pernambuco. Read More

USA and Puerto Rican musicians to visit Cuba in 2010

The Cuban Music Institute, in representation of its president Abel Acosta, recently stated the wonderful exchange between the Band Kool and The Gang and the Cuban people. More than 100 000 people went to the anti-imperialist tribune to enjoy the music and the performance of this very important US band. Read More

Remarkable Cuban figures and their whereabouts

Alicia Alonso: The Grand Diva of Ballet<br /> <br /> Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso is a legend, a famous Cuban and universal ballet star and one of the world's best known and admired ballerinas, choreographers and teachers. She is the director of the Cuban National Ballet Company.<br /> Read More

Jardines del Rey Airport improves its excellency

Jadines del Rey on Cayo Coco, celebrated its seventh anniversary with a consolidated service that has gained the preference of travellers. Read More

Cuban Theatre closed 2009 with a good trend

Undoubtedly year 2009 marked a milestone in the scenic arts of the Island: important theatre events, have taken place, mainly Havana International Festival and mostly the presentation of great companies and personalities from the universal dance. Read More

Foreign musicians express growing interest to visit Cuba

After the concert offered by the US band Kool and The Gang, at the José Martí Anti-Imperialist Tribune, there has been a growing interest of different representatives of foreign artists to offer their art in Cuba. Read More

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