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Jon Bon Jovi is in Cuba!

Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi is in Havana. He has been seen in the Cuban famous restaurants La Guarida, Río Mar and the Cuban Art Factory. Read More

Flamenco singer Diego El Cigala visits Cuba

Flamenco singer Diego El Cigala, known worldwide for its famous phonogram Lagrimas Negras with Cuban pianist Bebo Valdes, is since Thursday in Havana filming a documentary about salsa origins. Read More

Roberto Carlos is planning a mega concert in Cuba, according to Brazilian newspaper

According to the newspaper O’Globo of Brazil, the singer has been negotiating for several months a giant free presentation, as The Rolling Stones did. Roberto Carlos has never visited the island, where in the 70's and even in the 80's he was a true idol. Read More

Young pianists to perform in Havana in June

Pianists from China, Belarus, Armenia, South Korea, Russia, Egypt, United States and Cuba will be on hand to perform some 20 concerts. Read More

Buena Vista Social Club says goodbye after 20 years

The legendary Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, ended its 'Farewell Tour' this past weekend with two concerts in Havana after two years of tour of Europe and several countries. Read More

Ky-Mani Marley in Havana

The Jamaican Hip Hop and reggae singer Ky-Mani Marley is in Cuba filming a music video together with the German Dj Gentleman. Read More

US soprano Barbara Hendricks and Camerata Romeu in concert in Havana

US soprano Barbara Hendricks, who will give a concert on Thursday at the St. Francis of Assis Minor Basilica, told reporters on Monday that she was very happy to be in Havana and sing with Camerata Romeu for the Cuban public. Read More

"Smokey" Robinson is also in Cuba

The prestigious American singer-songwriter and record producer William "Smokey" Robinson Jr., also traveled to Cuba, excited about its people and music, as part of the delegation of the President's Committee for the Arts and Humanities United States. Read More

Usher and Kal Penn in Cuba with a US delegation

A delegation representing US President Barack Obama's arts and humanities committee began a four-day visit to Cuba on Monday as a sign of further rapprochement between the two countries and their common will to boost cultural exchanges. Read More

Dave Matthews visits Cuba

The renowned musician Dave Matthews arrived in Havana before the rest of the US delegation that will visit Cuba from Monday. Read More

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