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The rain of denunciations of self-employed persons continues due to non-payment of the Government in Cuba. Omar Miranda Hernández, a 60-year-old musician from Camagüey, has aired the chain of "cheating and mistreatment" suffered by the State.

According to him, he and his brothers gathered money and bought an organ to dedicate themselves to what is known as "ground music", very popular in Camagüey, given the proximity to Manzanillo.

In 2013 they made eight presentations at the carnival in Santa Cruz at the request of the then Prime Minister who, knowing that Culture had not sent them their papers to start working according to the law, urged them to act with the promise to regularize payments as soon as everything was in order.

Six years have passed and the group has only been able to collect 14,000 of the 28,000 pesos that the State owes them. The president of the Government was dismissed and the person of Culture that was taking the case is not either.

"Even today's sun has not been paid to us, so I spent four and a half years behind the President of the Government, and he told me it was a Culture problem, and the Municipal Director of Culture told me that the president had to give the authorization ", says the artist in a letter sent to the Acus de Recibo section of the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

Although the then President of the Government replaced him, the vice president said that he will not assume the debt left by his predecessor.

"We are a group of six musicians and we have to pay contributions to the ONAT, social security, and we are discounted a percentage for being inserted in the Music Center." We have other expenses, such as the accessories we send ourselves to do, the pieces of cardboard where the music is stung, and today all of that is expensive, they have cheated us, "he complains.

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