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The Cuban interpreter Mel Semé, member of the "Fonsi Team" in the Spanish edition of the La Voz talent scout program, was one of those selected tonight to move on to the Great Final Battle.

The Cuban musician, who until a few days ago was only known in underground stages, made an adapted version of Bob Marley's song Three Little Birds in the Round of Assaults that left the four judges and their respective assistants speechless.

"Mel is sun. Mel is sea. Mel is mountain. Mel is folklore, it's the people, "said his coach Luis Fonsi. The judge of La Voz, declared that the Cuban artist was synonymous with "happiness", something that the world needs.

"You know I'm your fan, Mel, thank you, for being part of my team," the Puerto Rican added before singing a "Viva Cuba."

The assistant of "Equipo Fonsi", the Spanish pop singer-songwriter David Bustamante, for his part, declared that Mel had "more class than an institute". "This is a master class gentlemen," said the interpreter of Since I saw you.

At the end of the episode the Puerto Rican judge found himself at a crossroads when facing the "moment of truth". Of the five wards that sang in the Round of Assault, only two could move on to the next phase. Both Fonsi and Bustamante said they entered with a clear image of the selection they were going to make. However, the presentations that took place at night made them change their minds.

After an anguished pause, the verdict was known: the young Spaniard Alex Palomo and the Cuban Mel Semé would be part of the Great Final Battle.

"I have feelings that I can not explain, it's a very nice emotion," Mel said.

Mel Semé, 41 years old, studied Symphonic Percussion in Cuba and after graduating he was part of the National Symphony Orchestra and of Camagüey, his city of birth. For almost ten years he was also the drummer of the troubadour Polito Ibañez.

He arrived in Spain with a work visa that expired and was left without papers. He lived in a migratory limbo for two years, where he had to make a living as best he could, playing in bars and even in the street, after having done jazz in several cities in Europe and having been a percussion teacher. A very difficult moment of his life, but music always brought him afloat.

Last month he entered the contest after his impeccable performance in the blind auditions of the Iron Sky theme. The members of the jury -of international scale-, Paulina Rubio, Pablo Lopez, Antonio Orozco and Luis Fonsi, moved to tears, fought tooth and nail for such a voice in their team.

However, the Cuban chose the Puerto Rican singer as a mentor, who accompanies him to this day in the next stage of the program.

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