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Celia Cruzs Legacy on TV

A TV documentary reveals the mysterious whereabouts of her legacy. The investigation took four months and produced information given by people close to the star in Cuba. Read More

Da Hitmen presents Reggaeton Latino

Reggaeton, the tropical mix of hip-hop and dancehall, has become hotter than a Caribbean heatwave. Don Omar is one of the sources of heat, who has contributed heavily to the transmission of this fairly new genre among American audiences. Read More

Cuban musicians touring Europe

The seven-country European tour of the orchestra led by Cuban musician Adalberto Alvarez (leader of "Adalberto y su Son") started Monday. A pianist, composer, arranger and director, Adalberto Alvarez is for many Cubans a Cuban son performer par excellence, and he is known as "El Caballero del Son" (Gentleman of Son). Read More

Leo Brouwer jury at the XXII International Event of Classical Guitar Andrés Segovia

The program contains the screening of Homo Ludens documentary by Ángel Alderete, the presentation of the Italian translation of the bokk 'Gajes del Oficio', a concert with the latest production of Leo and masterful classes Read More

Cuban choral group makes its way

Its unusual nowadays to find a choral group as the Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine, unique in the country, whose wide repertoire, voice and elegant look certainly enrapture. Middle-Age-style costumes and songs are carefully chosen by this group of male singers of the belle canto comprising tenor, bass, soprano and contralto and the tessitura of male natural voices. Read More

Frank Fernández closed International Music Festival in Mexico

Cuban pianist Frank Fernández closed the 18th Morelia International Music Festival "Miguel Bernal Jiménez" with a concert at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City. Fernández was largely applauded by the audience, after performing Sergei Rachamaninoffs Piano and Orchestra Concerto No. 2 in C minor. Read More

Chucho Valdés and other star musicians staged to jazz tune

A number of star musicians performed in the Auditorium theatre Amadeo Roldán under the direction of Cuban jazz Maestro Jesús (Chucho) Valdés during the inaugural gala of the International Festival Jazz Plaza running in Havana until Dec. 3. Read More

At age 60 Silvio Rodríguez continues to invoke the music goblin

Aged 60 Cuban singer song-writer Silvio Rodríguez has thousand projects ahead. Theres a number of songs in process, while he continues to invoke the "goblin"; an ephemeral chemistry established with the public, whom despite his 40 years of professional career yet he fears to face. Read More

Amaury Pérez in Santo Domingo

One of the most recognized figures of the Cuban Nueva Trova is singer song-writer Amaury Pérez returned to the Dominican Republic to play several recitals with " songs Ive dusted; things of the '30s repertoire I dont sing since then on". Read More

Ulises Hernandez: "Giving Everything for the Spectator"

The pianist, composer and cultural promoter Ulises Hernandez is a creator capable of getting involved in several projects simultaneously and putting into them all the necessary passion so that the public enjoys them. Read More

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