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Antonio Banderas will star series "Havana Quartet"

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will star in the Starz series based on the detective novels of Cuban Leonardo Padura "Havana Quartet". Read More

Havana Biennial concludes with many lights

The 12th Havana Biennial ended yesterday with a very positive balance, especially with regard to attracting a massive and diverse audience. Read More

La Ribot in Cuba

The stage is completely covered in white, a woman lying naked, pretending to be the "Rokeby Venus". Read More

XII Bienal has exceeded expectations, says Minister of Culture

XII Havana Biennial exceeds undoubtedly all expectations, said Julian Gonzalez Toledo, Minister of Culture of Cuba. Read More

Ice skating on the Havana seawall promenade!

The ice rink installed in the Havana seawall promenade by the American artists Duke Riley and Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie is the biggest show of this XII Havana Biennial, a project that could stay in Cuba if the authorities keep the security of all implements. Read More

One of the richest men in Miami lands in the Havana Biennial

Jorge Perez, art developer and sponsor, known for his contribution in millions of dollars to the collection of Perez Art Museum of Miami, traveled to the Cuban capital especially for the XII Biennial of Havana. Read More

Son of Fidel Castro will give photography classes to US tourists

Alex Castro, son of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, will direct photographic workshops with the artist Ramses Batista for small groups of Americans travelling to the island willing to spend the money visiting and capturing images in corners of Havana normally reserved for Cubans and beyond the tourist curtain, as stated in the advertising note. Read More

Crowd greets opening of second edition of Detrás del Muro (Behind the Wall)

Hundreds of visitors passing through Havana attended on Sunday 24 to the official opening of the second edition of Behind the Wall, side event of the XII Havana Biennial, which until next June 22 will bring the art to the crowded space of the capital. Read More

The light in Cuban eyes, Cuban-American art project is presented at the XII Havana Biennial

The light in Cuban eyes, Cuban-American project, exhibited in its world premiere a beautiful combination of arts: music, contemporary dance, ballet, photography, lighting design, and costume at Marti theater in Havana. Read More

Ice skating in Havana

The twelfth edition of the Havana Biennial never ceases to amaze us. A few days ago the seawall promenade changed in appearance when the New York artist Duke Riley installed a skating rink, with a material in appearance as ice but that is not melted, in the Caribbean city. Read More

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