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March 8th, 2019

These are the military interventions of Cuba in other countries

The Cuban government has accused the United States of alleged military intervention in Venezuela under the pretext of humanitarian aid promoted by the interim president of that country Juan Guaidó, who was prevented by the forces related to the dictator Nicolás Maduro. Read More

The collaborator of CiberCuba Iliana Hernández receives threats from a MININT agent

The journalist of CiberCuba, Iliana Hernández, was threatened today by a supposed agent of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) of the island. Read More

March 7th

Bacardi demands his right to sue Cuba for the properties confiscated in 1960

The well-known Cuban alcoholic beverage company Bacardi, established in Bermuda in 1965, is demanding its right to seek justice for the confiscation of its properties in Cuba by the Fidel Castro government almost 60 years ago. Read More

The story of Aaron Armenteros, a young transsexual in Havana, Cuba: "My fears keep me alive"

Aaron Armenteros is a 31-year-old transsexual boy from the Arroyo Naranjo municipality. Manage, along with his girlfriend Liset Arce, facebook page LGBTI Force + Cuba where he wants, in his own words, to publicize the diversity that exists in terms of sexuality. Read More

The shortage of oil reaches the Noticiero de la Televisión Cubana

The scarcity of oil that affects Cuba continues to attract media attention to the point that the chronic absence of this product has reached the Noticiero de la Televisión Cubana. Read More

Traffic accident in Jatibonico, Sancti Spíritus, leaves one deceased and four injured

One deceased and four injured is the balance of a traffic accident occurred about 6:30 am this Thursday on the Central Highway, in the segment located between the recreational center La Playita and the hamlet El Cinco, about five kilometers from Jatibonico (Sancti Spíritus). Read More

Stories of the disappeared in Cuba

Enrique Mustelier Sosa and Guyen Chamizo Sayas are the children of two disappeared Cubans under the custody of the island's communist regime, who are still searching for the truth of what happened to their parents. Read More

Retired in Guantánamo: "CDR payment, Federation payment and I have to buy a gas balita at 110 pesos"

Retirees from the province of Guantánamo have criticized the high price of "gas balitas" marketed by the country's government Read More

A musician tells how the Cuban State deceived him

The rain of denunciations of self-employed persons continues due to non-payment of the Government in Cuba. Omar Miranda Hernández, a 60-year-old musician from Camagüey, has aired the chain of "cheating and mistreatment" suffered by the State. Read More