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March 21st, 2019

Cuban doctor tells that in Venezuela he was taught to falsify medical histories to comply with statistics

Cuban doctor Yansnier Arias told Univisión that the first thing he was taught when he came to provide medical services in Venezuela, "went to falsify stories and patients to comply with statistics." Read More

Several Cuban women among the 50 undocumented "exotic dancers" that Mexico will deport

A group of 50 exotic undocumented dancers, in which there are several Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian and Salvadoran women, have been transferred from Cancun to Chetumal (Quintana Roo state, Mexico) to be deported to their respective countries. Read More

March 20th

Cubans forecast the arrival of another era of rafters

We Cubans are no longer the "favorite" immigrants in the United States, it is clear to us. The visits of the island to the country of the North have been reduced to the minimum in recent months, but that has not prevented them from migrating to other destinations, especially without young people in full working age. Read More

"We were doctors, but at the moment we are nothing," says Cuban professional in Brazil

"Formerly they saw us as gods, nowadays they see us as nothing," Cuban doctor Yulia Molina Hernández told the BBC, who arrived in Brazil five years ago as part of the international program "Mais Medicos" and decided to stay in the South American country. after the Cuban government returned its professionals to the island. Read More

The New York Times responds to Díaz-Canel on the use of Cuban doctors in Venezuela

The communication team of The New York Times (NYT) has responded directly on Twitter to Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel, who tried to deny the investigation that ensures that Cuban doctors were used in Venezuela to obtain votes for Chavez. Read More

It is already possible to sue Cuban companies in US courts

Starting today March 19, as announced by the Department of State, US citizens, including Cuban-Americans, may sue Cuban companies on the island in US courts. Read More

Diaz-Canel responds to the NYT for the testimony of Cuban doctors forced to pressure patients to vote for Maduro

The governor Miguel Diaz-Canel said in his Twitter account that "Cuban doctors can never be defamed," following an investigative report published by The New York Times, which denounced abuses by the Nicolás Maduro regime toward the Cuban doctors who complete missions in Venezuela. Read More

On the sale of cars in Cuba: "I'm happy because I have a Polaquito"

Arturo has lived since he was six years old for cars. "I loved getting into my dad's workshop and helping to fix them," says today, at 43, he feels happy "because I have a Polaquito (as the Polski are known), which is the most economical thing that one can find in Cuba. " Read More

The US consul in Havana answers questions about the B2 visa and the Parole program for Cubans

Through the social network Facebook, Steven S. Giegerich, US Consul General in Havana, answered the doubts of hundreds of users about the reduction of the B2 visa to a maximum of 3 months and a single entry for Cubans. Read More

Díaz-Canel: "We can not ignore the Cubans who live abroad proud and nostalgic for their homeland"

The Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel said Monday in the annual balance meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (Minrex) that his Executive can not ignore "the many Cubans who live abroad proud and nostalgic for their homeland" or that The origins of the Island have a lot of "immigration and miscegenation". Read More