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Cubans make yellow-ribbon appeal to U.S. over imprisoned spies

Cuba held a day of protest on Thursday over four intelligence agents imprisoned in the United States, displaying yellow ribbons to show national support for bringing the men home on the 15th anniversary of their arrest in Florida. Read More

Cuba Hosts Postal Union Congress of the Americas

The 22nd Congress of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain, and Portugal (PUASP) began in the capital, where the action plan of the entity for the 2014-2017 period will be analyzed. Read More

Cuba Achieves a Dream Still Unfinished for the UN

Cuba today celebrates International Literacy Day, declared by the United Nations (UN), with that aspiration satisfied since 1961 Read More

Pancho the Pelican an Urban Celebrity in Havana

Pancho the Pelican apparently prefers the company of humans to his own kind, and the grit of the big city to a life spent soaring through the breeze above the Caribbean Sea. Read More

Cuban Bishops Support Pope''s Initiative for Peace in Syria

Cuban Catholic bishops expressed their support for the initiative of Pope Francis on Syria and invited the Cuban people to join the day of world day of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria. Read More