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Illegal Cuban migrants slip from Turks into Miami

Sixteen illegal Cuban migrants have slipped out of the Turks and Caicos Islands as mysteriously as they arrived, and at least a dozen have been delivered to Miami by what authorities suspect is a people-smuggling ring. Read More

Conspicuous consumption comes to post-reform Cuba

Nowadays, it is no longer unusual to see BMWs or Mercedes cars cruising along Havana's gritty streets, including many high-end vehicles bearing the tell-tale yellow license plates belonging to Cubans. Read More

Havana diplomats at UN try to block Yoani Sanchez news conference

Cuban blogger Yoani. Sanchez, who is currently on a world tour, says she expects, at least initially, to be protected upon her return to Cuba, but admits that she is "afraid every day of my life." Read More

Afro-Cuban jazz artist Bebo Valdes dies in Sweden

Cuban-born musician Bebo Valdes, a respected figure in the Afro-Cuban jazz genre, died Friday in Sweden, sources close to the artist told Efe. He was 94. Read More