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Cuba Strengthens Trade with Latin America and the Caribbean

Cuba''s foreign trade with Latin America and the Caribbean currently represents over 40 percent of global trade, which reaffirms its commitment to integration and cooperation with the region. Read More

U.S.-Cuba Policy: A Boon for Cuban-American Entrepreneurs

The time has come and almost gone for Washington to repair its broken relations with Cuba. For 53 years the White House has maintained a punishing embargo on trade with Cuba. Its proponents, with the goal of removing Cuba's revolutionary government, still plead: "Give it time." Read More

Chavez begins more medical treatment in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has defeated a respiratory infection and has begun additional medical treatment in Cuba after struggling with complications following cancer surgery more than six weeks ago, a government spokesman said Saturday. Read More

Pedro Álvarez Cuban comrade now a house-flipping capitalist savant

High-level defector Pedro Alvarez Borrego has become a house flipper extraordinaire. Some question the source of his stake money. Read More