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Cuba Second in U-15 World Baseball Championship

Despite reaching the finals undefeated, Cuba finished second the World Baseball Championship Under 15 after being defeated by Venezuela in the last game of a series that took place in Chihuahua, Mexico. Read More

Tropical Storm Isaac's plodding pace through the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Isaac's plodding pace through the Gulf of Mexico means the slow moving storm could punish coastal areas with up to 36 hours of tropical winds and 10 to 16 inches of rain, Louisiana's Gov. Bobby Jindal warned today. Read More

Colombian rebels, government meet in Cuba

Colombian rebels and the government met in Cuba to discuss the possibility of peace talks, current and former government sources said Monday. Read More

Obama Halts American Trips to Cuba

Until recently, Americans could travel to Cuba as part of academic, religious or research groups. But according to travel writers for USA Today and other major newspapers, government approval for such trips has come to a halt. Read More

Isaac Moves Away, Rains Persist in Cuba

Tropical Storm Isaac moves over the Gulf of Mexico with maximum sustained winds of 100 kilometers per hour, but rains persist in Cuba, the Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) reported. Read More