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June 23rd

Cuban blog gathering prompts official criticism

Cuban bloggers and tweeters talked tech in Havana on Thursday at a Spanish-organized forum promoting social media in one of the world's most unplugged nations, prompting accusations from state-run media of an attempt to foment subversive activities. Read More

June 22nd

New Record of Tourists in Cuba

Almost one and a half million people have visited Cuba in the first five months of 2012, a new record according to the Cuban National Statistics and Information Office (ONEI). Read More

Cuban President Warns of Consequences of Climate Change

Cuba´s President Raul Castro, denounced today in Brasil that the global temperature rise will compromise first, integrity and physical existence of many countries and island nations, and will produce serious consequences to the Third World. Read More

Norman Foster to Design Ballet School in Cuba

The British architect Norman Foster has been selected to design a new arts complex on the outskirts of Havana for the Cuban ballet star Carlos Acosta. Read More

Cuban-American to Head National Council of La Raza

One of the nation's foremost Latino civil rights organizations has selected for the first time a Cuban-American to chair its board. Read More

Cuba denies Medicare fraud scheme link

Cuba has rejected suggestions that it had any involvement in a money-laundering scheme operated from the US. Read More

June 21st

Google analytics blocked in Cuba

Google Analytics, a free tool allowing website operators to see when people visit and from where, stopped working in Cuba after a software update that brought it in line with US restrictions. Read More

Record number of Cubans try to enter U.S.

The number of Cubans picked up at sea or who reached the United States has already exceeded the total for 2011. Read More

Cuba’s loquacious Fidel Castro changes tack with flurry of tweetlike dispatches, baffles many

Fidel Castro has been called many things during his long turn on the world’s stage, but “succinct” has not been one of them. Read More

Cuban outfielder Puig defects

The latest Cuban prospect expected to hit the market just might be the most coveted young outfielder to leave the island in the last 12 months. Read More