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Convicted Spy Asks to Serve Probation in Cuba

A convicted Cuban spy who finished his U.S. prison time is again asking a federal judge to allow him to return to Cuba to serve probation. Read More

Tropical Storm Debby makes landfall on Fla. coast

Debby, the guest that wouldn't leave, is ruining things for a lot of other visitors. Read More

Legal Ruling on Academic Travels to Cuba a Disappointment

A U.S. lawyer described as disappointing the rejection by the Supreme Court of his country the demand against a Florida legislation that prohibits to use public and private funds for academic travels to Cuba. Read More

Independent Technology Festival was held in Havana

Next year the CLICK Festival will have to improve the level of its panels, create a WiFi network for the participants to download event materials, shed a certain level of seriousness in favor of making it more interactive, and manage to attract those journalists, bloggers and Twitterers who, this time, preferred not to join us. Read More