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April 17th

Victor Casaus Ghana in 2012 BarnaSants

For him XVII Festival of Song Author BarnaSants 2012 held in Catalonia, Spain, Victor Casaus, director del Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brauer, of Cuba fue deserving of one of them he otorga awards event. Read More

Psychoballet results were presented in Havana

The Faculty of Psychology at the University of Havana hosted a panel last days where they were exposed Psychoballet achievements and prospects in Cuba. This method of psychotherapy and culture was created on the island 40 years ago. Read More

Test new materials to build in Cuba

Studies are underway on materials to be used in Cuba for the housing so that it is not necessary to use lifting equipment. One of these is expanded polystyrene to be used in a new modular construction system. Read More

Cuban boxers prepare in Italy is in sight for London 2012

During 15 days from this Sunday a group and Cuban boxers train in Italy, according to report su DT, Rolando Acebal, so be prepared for them to come Juegos London Olympics-2012. Read More

In Camaguey sugar refiners action

The goal is to fulfill the plan of 52 thousand tons of sugar in the 2012, so they work in Camagüey two refining plants of food, one of them, the central Ignacio Agramonte took action recently. Read More

April 16th

Alicia Alonso prepares choreography in Las Tunas

The XXIII International Ballet Festival of Havana, dated October and November ahead Alicia Alonso expects a brand new choreography inspired by a poem by Virgilio Piñera is preparing lime in Las Tunas Read More

End text on Chinese therapeutic exercises

In Villa Clara was finished writing the second text of Chinese therapeutic exercises (Qi Gong) work was carried out by professionals who practice these exercises in the province for various diseases Read More

Cuban integrates UPADI Directory

Last April 12 was announced in Havana Cuban integration Caparó Antonio Marichal to the Board of the Pan American Union of Engineering Associations (UPADI), an organization that has two million members of the American continent. Read More

Cuba will participate in pre-Olympic tournament archery

From 20 to 24 April will be held in pre-Olympic tournament Colombia archery done the Cuban team will compete in the qualifying for London 2012, said Angel Sanchez, national commissioner of the sport. Read More

Cuba seeks to establish relations with German region

According to diplomatic sources in Cuba and the German state of Hesse, is looking to establish relationships that promote trade in sectors such as transportation, academic, scientific and technical development and renewable energy. Read More