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The Mockingbird is singing again in Banes

The Mockingbird had disappeared. Its bewitching trill ceased to be heard in the few woods that remained in Banes after the pass of hurricane Ike last September 2008. Since then, no mockingbird was spotted all around. Read More

Climate change perils are reaching natural reservoir in Cuba

The Las Salinas Brito, one of the largest natural reservoirs of Latin America, could disappear under the water in 20 years as a result of climate change and the increase of the sea level. Read More

A huge yucca could reach Guinness Record in eastern Cuba

Cropping a 3 meter and 45 centimetre long yucca is really unusual, but Cuban farmer Miguel Antonio Avila Cordova living in the rural town of Bocas, in the municipality of Gibara, Holguin province, took his neighbours by surprise these days when exhibiting his long pipe like vegetable. Read More

Belkis Ayon’s artistic creation, or Ayón Space is a Cuban landmark

Belkis Ayón’s imprint on the engraving school of the capital city was profound. The international acknowledgement of the Cuban engraver is not only limited to the attributes of her artistic creation. Read More

World economic crisis and its impact on the Island

The global economic crisis of the capitalist system that looms over the world economy is one of the topics that at present monopolize the attention of Cubans.   Read More

Danza Contemporánea: half a century

Danza Contemporánea de Cuba has celebrated its 50 years of existence this year. The program included several seasons at the Great Theatre of Havana, with the premiere of pieces by choreographers linked to the group, among which highlights went to George Céspedes’s version of “Carmina Burana”, because of its international success. Read More

Cuban Theatre closed 2009 with a good trend

Undoubtedly year 2009 marked a milestone in the scenic arts of the Island: important theatre events, have taken place, mainly Havana International Festival and mostly the presentation of great companies and personalities from the universal dance. Read More

Exhibition of 50 pictures for every year of the revolution

At the entrance of UPEC’s headquarters at Vedado neighbourhood was inaugurated an exhibition of 50 journalistic images portraying outstanding events taking place in Cuba for the last fifty years. Read More

Foreign musicians express growing interest to visit Cuba

After the concert offered by the US band Kool and The Gang, at the José Martí Anti-Imperialist Tribune, there has been a growing interest of different representatives of foreign artists to offer their art in Cuba. Read More