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The Mountain Development Center, created on February 3, 1994 in the easternmost province of Cuba, has carried out more than 200 projects for the development of the country.

The multidisciplinary center, result of the idea and orientation of the commander Raúl Castro Ruz, is located in Sabaneta, El Salvador, and it is made up of biologists, veterinarians, chemists, agronomists and meteorologists, who have carried out 53 projects of sustainable technologies to increase life quality and preserve the environment in the mountains.

These works covered, among other matters, the obtention, certification and introduction of bioproducts for the agricultural and forest development, the implementation of techniques for animal production and the manufacture of new natural products with potential for the medical-pharmaceutical industry.

Of the technological innovations and scientific research recently developed by this center, there is one that stands out: the cloned multiplication of vegetable species which are native to the eastern regions of Cuba, like bananas, yam and malanga.


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