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Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez thanked Cuba for the support and advice provided by experts from the island to social programs promoted by the Bolivarian government.

Chavez made the statements in Caracas as he addressed the Council of Ministers in a meeting that was aired on television.

In the meeting, the government body approved the allocation of 150 million dollars to be used on the first semester of a  children-maternity  program called Niño Jesus Mission (Jesus Child).

Cuban ambassador to Venezuela Rogelio Polanco expressed the Cuban government’s willingness to continue supporting similar missions, particularly with human capital.

The diplomat said Cuba will continue to train professionals for today and the future in favour of the  Latin American people’s health.
In reference to the funds for the Niño Jesus mission, Chavez said it will be used to strengthen the hospital infrastructure, improve the medical equipment and buy the medicines needed to provide a successful follow-up assistance to pregnant women.
Chavez explained that the new program establishes the assistance to pregnant women since the moment the pregnancy is detected through the delivery and after the baby is born both the mother and the child will receive a follow-up assistance for five years.

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