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The exhibition includes paintings by Roberto Fabelo, Ernesto Garcia Pena, Agustin Bejarano, Eduardo Roca (Choco), Nelson Domínguez, and Jose Fuster, with Cuban filmmaker Roberto Chile as curator.
The exhibition "Cuba Paints Guayasamin" has aroused expectations within the Ecuadorian cultural world. The exhibition is completed with works by Francis Fernandez (Copola), Jesus Lara, Javier Guerra, Jose Antonio Hechavarria, Osvaldo Garcia,

Angel Ramirez, Adrian Rumbaut, William Perez, Dagoberto Jaquinet, Veronica Guerra, Marlys Fuego, and Kelvin Lopez.

Cuban painters Vicente R. Bonachea, Lorenzo Linares, Enrique Baster, Luis E. Camejo, Ernesto Rancano, Mabel Poblet, Dausell Valdes, and Kamyl Bullaudy will exhibit their paintings as well.

Chile is the author of the short film on Guayasamin "Prophet of Hope", where Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro expresses his viewpoints on the Painter of Ibero-America's trascendence.

He is also the promoter of the initiative, along with journalist Pedro Martinez Pirez, deputy director of Radio Habana Cuba.

The display will be an extraordinary closing for the year of his 90th birth anniversary, his son Pablo Guayasamin said.

There will be two inaugurations, one on Sunday at Capilla del Hombre, and the other on Monday at the Jose Bosmediano Foundation's museum.

The works will be then exhibited until January 28, 2010, on the occasion of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti's birth anniversary and Eloy Alfaro's assassination, he added.

Osvaldo Guayasamín was a close friend of the Cuban Revolution and an admirer as well.

Source: Prensa Latina

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