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In an exclusive interview with ACN, the Brazilian professor of nephrology praised the country's political willingness and the efforts made by professionals in this field to guarantee health for all, unlike the majority of nations where these services are restricted to a minority of people.

This official from Baxter -an international company that specializes in cutting-edge medical technologies, products, and services in more than 100 countries- praised the Cuban Program of Comprehensive Care for Chronic Kidney Diseases.

Cuba boasts 47 centers that offer nephrology services and are equipped with state-of- the-art technology for haemodialysis treatment, comparable to any developed nation.

Dr. Divino Filho participated in a scientific meeting on the use of Continuous Ambulatory Dialysis of the Peritoneum (DPCA) therapy. The meeting was held on the first anniversary of the implementation of this program in Cuba on December 20.

The notable professor spoke highly of the qualification of Cuban doctors working on chronic renal insufficiency, both with haemodialysis and the latest DPCA procedures.

There are 200,000 patients in the world living on ambulatory dialysis of the peritoneum, one fourth of which are Latin Americans.


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