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  In Cienfuegos Cuba Hip Fractures Discussed at International Orthopaedics Conference
Due to the combined aging of the world’s population and the increasing frequency of hip fractures among the elderly, this injury has been described by specialists as “the silent epidemic of the 21st century.”

That is why this ailment will be given prominence at the 2008 International Orthopaedic Conference being held in Havana. Theoretical sessions will start after the delivery today of two courses related to the conference.

Dr. Eduardo Sarmiento Sanchez, vice-president of the Organizing Committee and president of the Cuban Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology in this southern town, explained how hip fractures in Cuba in the early 20th century were synonymous with death.

The specialist added that during that time, when health was not a matter of interest to the pre-socialist governments of the period, most elderly people who suffered from that injury ultimately died in bed.

“However,” he contrasted, “nowadays there are many alternatives to face this illness; these allow the patient to continue living a stable life.

For example, in Cienfuegos alone —a province that has made remarkable advances in orthopaedics over the last several years— dozens of patients have received total hip implants since 2006.

The Gustavo Aldereguia Lima Hospital, in Cienfuegos, is the host of the event. The facility is nationally recognized for its capacity to treat this problem.

Other topics to be discussed by specialists at the conference will be surgery on children to address upper member deformities, and the treatment of traumatic injuries of the upper members of “high performance athletes,” which will be presented by Dr. Rodrigo Alvarez Cambras, the president of the Cuban Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

Teachers, specialist and surgeons from 20 nations will present their research findings through Friday, November 28.


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