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Cuban Ophthalmologic Center to Open in Peru
According to Granma news daily, the announcement was made by Olga Lopez, head of the Cuba-Peru cooperation in the field of public health during the 9th National Encounter of Cuba-Peru Friendship Centers.

The Cuban specialist said that the new ophthalmological center will open as part of the Operation Miracle free eye-surgery program for low-income people carried out by Cuba and Venezuela, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This group of Cuban health professionals replaced a first brigade that remained for seven months in the city of Pisco after they had arrived in Peru in August 2007 to help the Peruvian people recover from the devastation caused by an earthquake that hit the southern region of this South American country.

Lopez added that this new brigade has been in the same city for six months already, and that they have given 80,000 consultations there and 12,000 others in nearby communities.

The health specialist stressed that the brigade has also performed 445 surgeries and thousands of medical examinations. They have also conducted 38 health campaigns.


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