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Cuban plastic artist Zaida del Río delights the Ecuadorian public with a paining exhibition
It is a joint exhibition with the national painter Pilar Busto, opened last 27 of March at the Museum of Modern Art and titled, Sed de vuelo, (Thirst for flying) indicated Río in a statement to Prensa Latina.

I exhibit a group of varied works in a big format belonging to a previous exhibition about Women of the world, with important paintings of Sor Juana Inés, Inés de Castro, Rita Montaner, Indira Gandhi and Works about the Buddhism and the Gem therapy.

There are about 20 pieces in which there are also colourful portraits and faces made from 2005 and previously exhibited in Havana, Austria and other nations, she assured.

The exhibition in Cuenca, the third city in Ecuador and declared in 1999 Cultural Patrimony of Mankind by UNESCO, answers to an idea of integration of art and culture, of uniting ourselves, making joint works and exhibit them in other countries, assured.

She emphasised that this time, she made a painting with Pilar Busto and with the Ecuadorian poet Patricia Yépez to take that idea to reality and satisfy the thirst of flying.

Wherever we are, we are going to paint, since we are united by the respect for art, friendship, brotherly love to everything that is human and culture, she stated.

Busto indicated that together with Zaida and the poet Patricia Yépez, they are trying to make a contribution to the Latin American integration. She added that they paintings are about people and nature and are very free.

We want to motivate and created a conscience among the artist about the need of unity, she emphasised and indicated that a joint paint is the start of a collection that will be exhibited in a centre representative of the continental unity, she added.

With about thirty personal exhibitions in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Martinique, Japan and the USA, del Rio declared her love for the Ecuadorian landscape, vegetation and nature that inspire her to express her ideas in pieces of material.

The exhibition in Cuenca has had a great public success and will be closed next 30 of April.


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