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Oscar Niemeyer
Renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, 99, is currently working on a monument to Cuba's resistance over more than four decades to US hostility.

The artist who is in favor of social architecture and uses it practically as a weapon, finds himself at the peak of his life designing a monument to Cuban resistance consisting in a 9.5 ton structure made of an open-mouthed monster and a Cuban facing it with a flag in hand, reports Granma newspaper.

Niemeyer, who is member of the Brazilian Communist Party, said he never hide his communist beliefs. "Anyone who contracts me as an architect knows my ideological leanings," he added.

Oscar Niemeyer is known worldwide as the architect of Brasilia, for designing churches, for building great monuments to striking workers and landless farmers, as the architect of the headquarters of the French Communist Party, and for his work on the Le Corbusier main building of the United Nations in New York. He is considered one of the greatest architects in modern history and was also denied a visa to the United States.

Source: Cubarte

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