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Visitors to Cuba can bring back samples of island arts from Havana galleries

If you venture into Old Havana, you can't miss the many art galleries among the elegant arches and columns of the restored colonial streets. And, if you're lucky, you may just come upon some of Cuba's top artists at work there, or at least minding the shop. Read More

Cuban Lizt Alfonso Ballet Company Warmly Welcomed by the Canadian Public

Warmly welcomed by the audience everywhere it has performed, Cuba’s Lizt Alfonso Ballet Company is presenting its pieces Elementos, Fuerza y Compás and Tablao, in a tour of over 20 Canadian cities. Read More

Cuba to Run 2010 Drum Fiesta, Contest

Players from Venezuela, Canada, the US and Holland will interact with their Cuban hosts at the International Drum Festival 2010 and the International Contest Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam March 9 through 14.<br />   Read More

Cuban percussionists prepare their festivity

The 9th Drum Fiesta, an international festival designed to promote Cuban folklore, traditional music and jazz, will take place in different cultural centers of this capital on March 9-14. Read More

International Aid Benefits Cuban Food Production

Farmers in the eastern province of Las Tunas will be benefit this year from four international aid projects worth about a million dollars aimed at food production. Read More

The Magician Artists, an exhibition of Canadian and Cuban Painters in Camaguey city

Canadian painter James K-M joins his pictorial art to the Camagüey creators Joel Jover and Osmany Soleras in the exhibition, The Magician Artists, shown in eastern city of Cuba. Read More

Cuban National Ballet Company and Canadian Children in the Nutcracker

The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble (CBYE) and Cuba’s National ballet Company (BNC), interpreted The Nutcracker this weekend at the García Lorca Hall of Havana’s Grand Theatre, as part of a cooperation project. Read More

Cuban Percussionist at Quebec

The timpanist of famous Cuban percussionist Amado Valdés, member of the Buena Vista Social Club, will be shown at the Civilization Museum of Québec, Canada, in an exhibition of Afro-American musical instruments. Read More

Plastic Arts Exposition from Camagüey shown in Wisconsin

A sample of 25 works by artists Orestes Larios Zaak and Gregorio Pérez was exposed in Madison, capital of Wisconsin State, US, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the collaboration agreement signed between this metropolis and Camagüey City. Read More

A book entitled: Cubans and Canadians, A look on Cuba’s culture

What comes to mind when Canadians think of Cuba? Sunshine, scenery and beautiful beaches. We think of the fun of the inexpensive, all-inclusive vacation - and the welcoming nature of Cuba's people. Cuba is our getaway, our warm-weather haven that allows us to escape Canada's winter chill - even if that escape lasts only for a week or two. Read More

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