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Representatives of Cuba and Spain reaffirm university exchange

During the conference, Cuban authorities signed an agreement to join the web portal Universia, which belongs to the largest Ibero-American network of university cooperation Read More

Cuban National Ballet will dance in Bilbao

The Cuban National Ballet (BNC, after its initials in Spanish), considered &quot;one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world&quot;, will dance at the Euskalduna Palace next 31 of October.<br /> Read More

Cuba Travel Promoted: 342 miles, the members of the "Long Live Cuba" caravan arrived in San Sebastian, Spain

After covering 342 miles, the members of the &quot;Viva Cuba&quot; (Long Live Cuba) caravan arrived on Thursday in San Sebastian, Spain, where over 100 travel agents are expected to attend their presentation.<br /> Read More

Spanish Foreign Minister, Moratinos says that Obama follows the Spanish politics with Cuba

Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos on Tuesday expressed his appreciation for U.S. President Barack Obama's attitude to Cuba but said that Spain will carry out its own policy towards the island. Read More

Cuban National Folkloric Group on Tour around Spain and Portugal

Leonardo Buenaventura, head of the groups Foreign Relations Department, said that the show reflects the aesthetic concepts, languages and artistic styles of the company<br /> Read More

Two Spanish Pilots Always Remembered in Camagüey, Cuba

Barberán and Collar still remembered in Camagüey Magnificent and reddish the sun rose at their backs. The stars that had helped Captain Mariano Barberán to trace out the route to be followed by no less heroic Lieutenant Joaquín Collar were fading away. It was the dawn of June 10th, 1933. Read More

Cuban Show ‘Roots and Time’ Tour the Iberian Peninsula

The European tour of the Cuban National Folkloric Company has become one of the most splendid cultural presentations this season in the Iberian Peninsula.<br /> Read More

Havana Sorollas will be exhibited at the el Prado Museum

The pieces with which the Havana and the Madrid Museums are joining together are from the most solid and fruitful years of the author and are part of the Cuban collection that has about 30 pieces. It is one of the most important collections of this artist outside the Iberian Peninsula. Read More

In Santiago de Cuba province: Los Gofiones, one of the most popular artistic groups in the Canary Islands

Los Gofiones, one of the most popular artistic groups in the Canary Islands, Spain, are interpreting Cuban traditional music as an expression of the strong bonds of solidarity uniting the two nations. Read More

Cuban National Literature Award Carilda Oliver Labra receive the Rafael Alberti Award

Carilda Oliver Labra, one of the most important female voices of Spanish-speaking American literature, received the Rafael Alberti award, given by the Society of Natural Beneficence of Andalusia. Read More

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