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SELA, Single Regional Stance before UN

Latin American and Caribbean Economic Systen (SELA) called a meeting slated for February 25-26 to facilitate a single regional stance at 6th UN Summit. Read More

Cuba helps Guatemala to end illiteracy

Guatemala declares on Monday the first municipality illiteracy free, thanks to the Cuban method "Yo Si Puedo" (Yes, I Can), in a country where over 21 percent of the population are illiterates. Read More

Splendour and weakness of the Latin American Cinema

The Latin American film is in good conditions, states Frank Padrón in this interview, despite crisis and other problems. It is expected to enjoy even greater success in the recently started year of 2010.<br /> Read More

ALBA Narrativa 2010 has been called in Cuba

Authors under 40 years old or even younger from Latin American and the Caribbean will be able to take part in the First Competition Novela ALBA Narrativa 2010, which will promote the work of the writers from this geographical area. Read More

Former Cuban Leader Says Honduras Crisis May Spur Latin America Coups

<div align="justify"> In Castro's opinion, right-wing military leaders trained by the United States could be encouraged to take up arms against their governments, depending on how the Honduras crisis turned out. </div> Read More

Cuban Vicepresident Esteban Lazo Returned from Panama

<div align="justify"> Lazo described the visit as very positive. During his staying, he strengthened mutual cooperation bonds, particularly in the health, trade and sports sectors. </div> Read More

Honduran Students in Cuba Decided to Break Media Silence in their Country

<div align="justify"> In an effort to break the media silence in Honduras about the coup d’état against Manuel Zelaya’s government, students from that Central American nation in the Cuban province of Cienfuegos sent the addresses of Cuban websites to their relatives back in Honduras where they can find updated information of what is happening in their country. </div> Read More

A coup in Honduras

A coup in Honduras brings an unwelcome old habit back to Latin America Read More

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