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Cubans will have to request visa to enter Ecuador from December 1st

The Ecuadorian Vice Foreign Minister, Xavier Lasso announced yesterday November 26, at a press conference, that since December 1st, Cuban citizens will need a visa to enter the South American country. Read More

FM's Meeting rejects US encouragement of illegal Cuban emigration

A meeting of the foreign ministers of the Central American Integration System (SICA) plus Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia unanimously rejected the US´s 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act and other related policies that encourage illegal departures of Cubans to the United States. Read More

Foreign Ministers seek to resolve situation of Cubans stranded in Costa Rica

The foreign ministers of Central American countries are meeting Tuesday in El Salvador to address the situation of over 5 thousand Cubans stranded in Costa Rica in their attempt to emigrate to the United States. Read More

The crossing of Cubans to reach the US

The Cubans left the island legally towards different South American nations, like Ecuador, and from there they made it to Colombia and Panama to finally arrive in Costa Rica in route to the United States encouraged by the US dry-feet, wet-feet and the Cuban Adjustment Act. Read More

Tense circumstances for Cubans stranded in Costa Rica

The situation of the over 2 thousand Cubans stranded in Costa Rica could be described as calm and tense at the same time as they hope that next Tuesday´s Central American and Caribbean ministerial forum finds a solution to their case. Read More

Cuban immigrants left stranded between Costa Rica and Nicaragua

An article published on Granma newspaper on Friday, entitled “The Odyssey for the American Dream” addressed the situation of nearly 2000 Cubans left stranded in Costa Rica, which have raised concern of countries of the region, currently trying to come up with a solution to the case. Read More

Panamanian bank Multibank interested in opening branch in Cuba

Multibank, third Panamanian bank by the volume of its assets, may be installed in Cuba as part of the promotion to attract foreign investment by the island. Read More

Cuban medical brigade has treated about 30 million Hondurans

The Cuban doctors arrived in Honduras 17 years ago to offer assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch, but later the two governments signed a protocol to maintain the medical services for a longer time in different regions with scarce medical support. Read More

Panamanian businessmen arrive in Cuba

Just a month after Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela visited Cuba for the first time and declared his intentions to strengthen ties with the island, a business delegation has arrived in Havana to explore the Cuban market in favor of establishing links and trade relations. Read More

Medical mission in Guatemala celebrates 17 years of working with important results

The Cuban doctors who have been working in Guatemala since Huricane Mitch hit that nation in 1998 have given over 38.8 million medical consultations up to date. Read More

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