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Cuban health cooperation benefits poorest hondurans

In the Honduran communities assisted by Cuban doctors, the infant mortality rate has dropped from the national average of 37 per every 1,000 live births to 10, and that through July of this year the maternal mortality rate has been kept at zero. Read More

Cuban Doctors assist victims of Hurricane Felix in Nicaragua

A Cuban medical brigade is currently assisting victims of Hurricane Felix in the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Read More

President of the Cuban Parliament attends the Congress of Latin American Studies Association in Montreal

The event will run until Saturday with the participation of some 6 000 academics from different nations who will debate the main issue entitled: "After the Washington consensus: collaborative Scholarships for a new America". Read More

Cuban doctors in Nicaragua are assisting population hard hit by Hurricane Felix

Cuban doctors in Nicaragua are ready to aid in any emergency situation that Hurricane Felix can provoke, according to the head of the brigade. Read More

Felix moving over northeastern Nicaragua, major flood threat

At 1100 am edt 1500z the Center of Hurricane Felix was located inland near latitude 14.3 north, longitude 83.9 west or about 40 miles-65 km west-northwest of Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. Read More

ALBA art and literature awards recognized

The recognition is sponsored by the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) Cultural Fund and the first winners should be known this year, with the possibility of additional categories. Read More

Felix headed for northeastern Nicaragua and eastern Honduras

At 500 pm edt...2100z...the Center of Hurricane Felix was located near latitude 14.3 north. longitude 79.5 west or about 250 miles- 405 km east of Cabo Gracias a Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border. Read More

Operation Miracle: a true remedy

Over the past four years and through August 8, 750,635 persons had been operated on for cataracts. Previous blood tests, refraction studies, clinical examination, medicines, lodging, food and medical treatment, plus the surgery itself, are completely free thanks to the cooperation program of the Bolivarian Alternative for The Americas (ALBA) promoted by Cuba and Venezuela. Read More

Category 5 Hurricane Dean slams Mexico

Dean's path was a stroke of luck for Mexico: It made landfall in a sparsely populated coastline that had mostly been evacuated and skirted most of the major tourist resorts. It weakened within hours to a Category 2 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 105 mph. Read More

Cuban laureate pianist Frank Fernández to perform in Panama

Fernández shall interpret Rachmaninov Concert No. 2 with the Symphonic Orchestra of Panama , conducted by maestro Jorge Ledesma. Read More

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