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Cuban Doctors Help Flood Victims in Mexico

The physicians arrived in Tabasco with authorization from the Mexican government and brought two tons of medicines with them. Read More

Nicaraguan's Learning How to Read and Write with Cuban Method "Yes I Can"

The campaign called from "Marti to Fidel" has been extended to the indigenous community in the Caribbean coasts that are learning how to read and write in their own languages as well as physically challenged people and prisoners. Read More

International Encounter of Editors of Scientific Magazines Began in Havana

During the discussions of the event, participants will analyze topics such as the assessment of the publishing work, the editing of scientific articles, the development and impact of publications and their assessment. Read More

Cuba, Honduras to Boost Tourist Cooperation

Honduran tourist authorities want to benefit from Cuba's experience to boost the local leisure industry and improve services Read More

Cuba and Ecuador Sign Cultural Agreement

Ecuadorian Minister of Culture Antonio Preciado said the agreement seeks to take advantage of the rich experience of Cuba in cultural management and all of its cultural system. Read More

ALBA Members Outline Joint Venture to Boost Communication Services

Scheduled for January 2008, the project called "Grannacion" is aimed at boosting the telecommunications and information technologies in Latin America by providing safe and stable access. Read More

Cuban coaches, aid please Panama

The results of Cuban coaches in Panama show quality in their work and for that reason several disciplines will increase. Read More

Cuban orthopedics specialist Alvarez Cambras honored in Nicaragua

Armed Forces Commander Moises Omar Jalleslevens Acevedo gave the award to the Cuban, who is also a legislator in his country's national parliament. Read More

Daniel Ortega lashes out at Bush for anti-Cuba measures

Daniel Ortega criticized George W. Bush for new measures against Cuba announced before the diplomatic corps in Washington. Read More

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