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Cuban Residents in Nicaragua: 2nd Encounter

The Association of Cubans Residents in Nicaragua progresses in the preparations of the second meeting of all the nations of Central America, its President Rafael Ruiz indicated Sunday. Read More

Cuban theater company "Teatro de la Luna" a great success in the International Stage Arts Festival of Panama

The Cuban theater company Teatro de la Luna made its successful debut at the 3rd International Stage Arts Festival of Panama, with a performance that had a long ovation by the audience. Read More

Leaders of the Latin-American popular movements will meet next week in Havana

The leaders of the Latin-American popular movements are to meet next week on Monday to discuss the need to join to fight against the mutations caused by the Washington-sponsored so-called Free Trade agreements for the Americas (FTAA). The meeting has taken the name: Hemisphere Meeting against Free Trade and for Integration. Read More

Deported from Costa Rica Cuban Woman

The ending was not a happy one for Yuderci Abralantes García, the Cuban woman who spent the last two weeks living in the Juan Santamaría (San José) airport terminal, as the Sala Constitucional ruled in favour of immigration officials, who immediately deported her. Read More

2009 Cuban book fair as guest of honour Violeta Parra, Víctor Jara and Chile

The 2008 International Book Fair has just ended and the Cubans already started to work in the next one with Chile as guest of honour and two icons of their culture in the centre of the tribute, Violeta Parra and Víctor Jara. Read More

In Panama: Operation Miracle by Cuba and Venezuela

The Operation Miracle health program sponsored by Cuba and Venezuela to help Latin Americans with poor eyesight and low income has benefited 140 inhabitants of the Panamanian city of Colon in 2008. Read More

Guatemalan Vice President praised the work of the Cuban health personnel in this Central American nation.

Guatemalan Vice President Rafael Espada praised this weekend the work of the Cuban health personnel that currently make their contribution in this Central American nation. Read More

Loses Cuba Game Against Panama

Edwin Aguilar scored two goals and Panama defeated Cuba 4-1 here Saturday in a CONCACAF Group A Olympic qualifying match, ensuring the United States would advance to a semi-final match. Read More

Founded in Havana the Latin American Association for the Mapping of the Human Brain.

The group is made up of researchers from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Cuba. The association found the support of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), other international institutions, plus Canada, Britain and Germany. Read More

Nicaraguan acclaimed the Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez

The Nicaraguan acclaimed the Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez, who offered a concert qualified as anthological and vibrant by many assistant. Read More

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