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Guatemala dedicates a cinema cycle to the Cuban Five

The documentary, under the direction of Lourdes de los Santos, has as main character to Ivette, the younger daughter of René González who together with Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González are known internationally as the Cuban Five. Read More

Martin Torrijos Espino Panamanian President to Sign Cooperation Accords with Cuba

Visiting Panamanian President Martin Torrijos Espino will be officially welcomed on Wednesday during a ceremony at the Palace of the Revolution in the Cuban capital. Torrijos arrived on Tuesday in Havana for an official visit at the invitation of his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro. Read More

Panama President Martin Torrijos: "Thanks Cuba, Remembers Dad"

Panama President Martin Torrijos praised Cuban solidarity with his country at a ceremony where the first stone was laid for a bronze monument to his late father Omar. Read More

Nicaragua Plans Cuba Solidarity

The groups are studying how to express their support against the blockade and demand for freedom of the Cuban Five Read More

ALBA Countries Respond to Global Food Crisis

The ALBA accord stipulates the implementation of cooperation programs aimed at comprehensively developing agricultural and industrial sectors to boost the production of cereals like rice and corn, oil-containing beans, meat and milk. Read More

Cuba and Guatemala they strengthen their relationships

Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted here the good state of relations between Cuba and Guatemala, while regarded future bilateral links as promising. Read More

Cuban Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Bruno Rodriguez arrived to Guatemala

Cuban Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Bruno Rodriguez arrived in Guatemala Thursday, where he will take part in the opening of an ophthalmologic center equipped by Cuba, at the Guatemalan western department of San Marcos. Read More

Documentary "Men on deck" on Silvio Rodríguez (the Cuban singer) to be premiered in Guatemala

The documentary Hombres sobre cubierta (Men on deck) that narrates a stage in the life of the Cuban singer and composer Silvio Rodríguez, is to be presented for the first time this weekend in cinemas of the Guatemalan capital city. Read More

With the participation of Cuba: ALBA Bank to Start Operations this Month

The Venezuelan Minister of the Basic Industry and Mining, Rodolfo Sanz, announced on Monday that the Bank of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas or ALBA Bank will start its operations on April 25th. Read More

ALBA Might Have Trade Institute: Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Dominica would be represented in the initiative.

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) is studying the creation of a Trade Institute to speed up transactions among its member countries. Read More

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