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Unity Summit Support Argentina's Claim over the Falkland Islands

The Latin American and Caribbean Unity Summit voiced today its support for Argentina's claim over the sovereignty of the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, and rejected Great Britain's oil explorations in this archipelago of the South Atlantic. Read More

Cuban President Raul Castro Attends Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity

Cuban President Raul Castro heads the island’s delegation participating in the Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity that will be in session on February 22-23 in Cancun, Mexico.<br /> Read More

Vocal group Desandann to Haiti

Vocal group Desandann, as its name indicates descendants of Haitians, will travel from the Cuban central-eastern province of Camaguey to Haiti, to mitigate the pain and sorrow in that devastated country which has been victim of earthquakes and historical abandonment. Read More

Foreign Ministers session begins at Unity Summit

Foreign Ministers from 31 nations began a meeting that included all the members of Group of Rio and the Caribbean Community, apart from St. Vincent, in Playa del Carmen on Saturday. Read More

Haiti and Falkland Is. at the Center of Summit

The Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Unity will begin on Monday surrounded by the crisis in Haiti, tension in the Falkland Islands and the aftermath of the coup in Honduras. Read More

UN for Sustained Assistance to Haiti

Top UN representative to Haití Edmond Mulet called on the international community maintain for a long time the assistance to the poor Caribbean nation devastated by a quake on January 12. Read More

Cuban Medical Brigade Extends Services in Haiti

Cuba’s medical brigade currently in Haiti has expanded their assistance on the outskirts of Port Au Prince aiding those displaced by the strong earthquake that hit that Caribbean nation.<br /> Read More

Haiti President to Attend Mexico-CARICOM Meeting

President of Haiti Rene Preval is expected to attend the Summit of Mexico and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to discuss the possibility to increase the assistance for Haitian reconstruction after the quake. Read More

Cuba Sends New Medical Team to Haiti

Fifty Bolivian doctors who graduated from the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) arrived in Haiti on Monday to join the Cuban healthcare professionals who are assisting victims of the January 12 earthquake that wreaked havoc in this nation.<br /> Read More

Cuban Doctors were in Haiti before the quake

When the devastating earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Cuba's emergency responders didn't have far to travel. There were already some 350 Cuban medical personnel working in Haiti, sent by the Castro government to provide free care in nearly every <br /> Haitian municipality. Read More

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