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Preval Hopeful about Memorandum with Cuba and Brazil

Haitian President Rene Preval expressed hopes about the future of public health in his country after signing a memorandum of understanding with Cuba and Brazil on Saturday. Read More

Superior Works at Caribbean Film Showcase

The cinematographic event, last year dedicated to childhood and adolescence, will once again be an open window for social and cultural realities in the zone. Read More

In German Parliament Cuba's Aid to Haiti Stressed

International experts underlined during a session of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development of the German parliament the important role of Cuban doctors in Haiti. Read More

Calle 13 says good bye

Under the trail of the spectacular concert of Tuesday at the Antimperialist Tribune, the duet Calle 13 says farewell to Cuba. They and the Cuban Kelvis Ochoa visited on Wednesday the primary school "Carlos Muñiz Varela", in the municipality of Bauta, located to the Southwest of the Cuban capital. Read More

UNESCO Opens Dominican Event on Jose Marti

The thought of Jose Martí is our radiant soul, Dominican Republic´s Labor Ministry Max Puig stated, when inaugurating the 6th meeting of the World Council of the UNESCO Project on the Cuban National Hero. Read More

Magali Llort to Demand the Release from Prison of the Cuban Five

The forum for the release from prison of the five Cuban heroes incarcerated in the United States that will begin on March 22 in Santo Domingo will be attended by Magaly Llort, the mother of Fernando Gonzalez. Read More

Cuba Artistic Brigade in Haiti, Sign of Altruism

The presence of a Cuban artistic brigade in Haiti may well cast doubts on those unable to recognize the altruism with which the Martha Machado brigade's members work. Read More

Latin American School of Medicine enrollment in Cuba reaches 10,000

The Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba is now 10 years old, and has an enrollment of 10,000 students from dozens of countries, who are studying to be doctors without any cost for their families.<br /> Read More

Chucho Valdes Records Song for Haitian People

Cuban pianist and composer Chucho Valdes finished recording this Wednesday the song “Haiti Volvera” (Haiti will Return), whose copyrights he will donate to the reconstruction of that Caribbean nation which was struck by an earthquake last January <br /> 12. Read More

Calle 13 Confirms Concert in Havana

The Puerto Rican urban music duo Calle 13 will perform on March 23 in the Anti-Imperialist Tribune in this capital, announced the Cubadebate website.<br /> Read More

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