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Venezuela extends energy security to PETROCARIBE

During a recent tour including Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and Bolivia, President Hugo Chavez arranged these nations joining of the agreement, presented for the first time on occasion of the South American Energy Summit in Margarita Island, Venezuela. Read More

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez proposes gas pipeline to Cuba

Chavez also proposed building an oil refinery in Guyana and urged the government of Dominica to accept his offer of a 10,000 barrel-a-day refinery, a project currently awaiting environmental analysis. He said Venezuela's restoration of the Cienfuegos refinery in Cuba will complete in November. Read More

PETROCARIBE summit begins today in Venezuela

The third Summit of PETROCARIBE, an initiative of energy cooperation promoted by Venezuela, begins on Friday at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Ministry of Energy and the Petróleos de Venezuela company (PDVSA) in Caracas, Venezuela. Read More

Children to benefit from Jamaican/Cuba Eye-care Programme

Young children afflicted with the eye disease "Strabismus" commonly known as 'crossed-eye' will be involved in an extensive outreach exercise courtesy of the Jamaican/Cuba Eye-care Programme. Read More

The National Hurricane Center forecast that a tropical depression may form in Atlantic

A low-pressure area in the Atlantic Ocean may turn into a tropical depression over the next couple of days, the National Hurricane Center said on Wednesday. Read More

Cuban medics for Jamaica

An agreement was signed Thursday between Jamaica and Cuba, for Cuban nurses and doctors to come to the island soon to stem the shortfalls in Jamaicas health sector. Read More

Cuban and Dominican universities sign cooperation deal

An agreement for mutual cooperation was reached between the O & M Dominican University and the University of Guantanamo, in eastern Cuba, to facilitate the granting of scholarships and to promote the participation in post-doctorate courses. Read More

Juan Bosch Department inaugurated at the University of Havana

The University of Havana inaugurated the Juan Bosch Department to promote and strengthen historic and cultural ties between Cuba and the Dominican Republic as well as promote the intellectual and political thinking of both sides. During a ceremony held at the University of Havana's Master Lecture Hall, its Rector outlined the importance of Juan Bosch's ideas and revolutionary action, his loyalty to the Cuban Revolution and friendship with President Fidel Castro. Read More

Cuba begins first trade mission to Dominican Republic

Cubas first trade mission to the Dominican Republic opened shop Monday at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel Convention Center before a group of business people and officials from the two countries. Read More

Trova unites Danny Rivera and Frank Fernández

Popular Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera joined efforts with Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez to record a CD with songs by old singer-songwriters from the two countries. Read More

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