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Ralph Gonsalves: Chavez and Fidel gave an example of love to the world with the Misión Milagro

Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves said on Sunday that socialist leaders Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro gave an example of love and solidarity to the world by combining the capabilities and resources of their countries to create the Misión Milagro (Miracle Mission), social program with which people of America, the Caribbean and even Africa, who live in poverty, receive eye operations. Read More

Second historic flight San Juan-Havana

A nice flight between San Juan and Havana, just two and a half hours, only allowed review travel plans. Read More

Bahamas signs agreement with Cuba on cultural exchange

The Bahamas government signed an agreement with Cuba to establish mutual cultural relations including the establishment of student exchange programs that will benefit both countries. Read More

Dominican Johnny Ventura, the King of Merengue on the earth of son

Johnny Ventura, 75 years, nicknamed El Caballo Mayor, bowed his "noble" title and took over the hundreds of people who on Saturday went to Heredia Theater, and the millions across the screen, appreciated the King of Merengue in its entire dimension. Read More

First regular flight between San Juan and Havana since 1959

The first flight will be offered on a regular basis between San Juan and Havana in nearly six decades off today with 150 passengers on board a plane of the Swiss airline Swissair, most people who come to IX Havana Danzón Festival. Read More

Tourism to Cuba would affect 20% of the one visiting Bahamas

The rapprochement between the US and Cuba and the imminent influx of tourists to the island threatens to affect 20% of Americans who visit the Bahamas, said on Tuesday the publication Tribune 242. Read More

Cuba can become the Singapore of the Caribbean

In a document essay of the Center for Studies and Research of Defense in India, the investigator Rajendra M. Abhyankar says that Cuba can become the Singapore of the Caribbean, after the break the US government has offered with its new policy toward the island. Read More

Cuba will demand decolonization of Puerto Rico at UN

Cuba will present on Monday 22 to the UN Special Committee on Decolonization the resolution project demanding self-determination and independence of Puerto Rico, the Cuban Foreign Ministry informed today. Read More

Cuba, second tourist destination in the Caribbean in first quarter of 2015

According to the Organización Caribeña del Turismo (Caribbean Tourism Organization) in its 2014 annual report, Cuba was the second tourist destination in the Caribbean, only surpassed by the Dominican Republic. Read More

Trinidad and Tobago explores business opportunities with Cuba

Representatives of 17 companies and an agency to promote exports of goods and services from Trinidad and Tobago explore today new business opportunities in Cuba, in order to expand bilateral exchanges in several economic sectors. Read More

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