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Olga Tañón to sing in Mayagüez 2010 games

The Central American and Caribbean Games, Mayagüez 2010, will include the talent of Olga Tañón within the great opening ceremony which will take place on Saturday, July 17 from the new Athletics Central American Stadium and which will be broadcasted to more than 32 countries through WIPR Television. Read More

UNICEF worries about Haitian children adoptions

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday it is worried about some countries decision of speeding up Haitian children adoptions after the earthquake, in detriment of family reunification. Read More

Cuban medical assistance in Haiti praised

While millions of Haitians are suffering a harsh situation and the international aid takes long to reach those in need, 344 Cuban doctors are assisting the earthquake victims, said a letter that The Age daily published in Australia on Tuesday. Read More

Haitian med students fly home from Cuba to join relief effort

A Cuban plane carrying 60 Haitians studying medicine in Havana left the island Tuesday for Haiti in hopes of helping to treat earthquake victims at home, Cuban television reported. Read More

Cayman Island Earthquake

Cayman Island is struck with an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 in Richter scale today morning. This region is located in southern part of Cuba. Read More

Cubans ready to reopen health center in Haiti

The Centre for Comprehensive Diagnosis George Gauvin, inGrand Goave town, will be reopened by Cuban doctors to provide first aid to earthquake victimsfrom the surrounding areas of the Western Department of the Haitian capital. Read More

Impressions of the head of the Cuban Brigade of Education in Haiti

Adalberto Bravo Carbonell, head of the Cuban Brigade of Education in Haiti, who is recovering from injuries from the quake which struck at Port auPrince, described to ACN the terrible moments he experienced during the earthquake. Read More

Haitians seeking US refuge will be returned

U.S. authorities are readying for a potential influx of Haitians seeking to escape their earthquake-wracked nation, even though the policy for migrants remains the same: with few exceptions, they will go back. Read More

Cuba's rescue effort in Haiti

While the focus of the enormous rescue and assistance effort in Haiti has been on the part played by the United States, dozens of other countries and non-government agencies. Read More

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